Miles Klee is a dumb name.

This site is passionately dedicated to you, Miles Klee. You have a dumb, dumb name.

Public outcry leads to yo mama's arrest
It's not your fault, Miles. It's not like you picked your name. The only people to blame are your parents, whom we hope have faced stiff fines, if not actual jail time, for the way they've abused you with this moniker.

Let this also be a warning to you -- stupidity gravitates towards stupidity. You have a dumb name, thus you are all the more likely to do dumb things. Below are some examples of others with the name "Miles Klee" that we've seen in action.

What makes your name just so stupid? Let us count the ways:

Miles was actually Adolf Hitler's birth name.

Statistically, boys with the name Miles have a 73% greater chance of getting beat up at school by other boys.

Klee sounds the same as the Mandarin Chinese for the phrase "garbage monkey".

Miles rhymes with "scriles", which just sounds stupid.

Miles is difficult to spell phonetically.

The yoga position called the "Reverse Miles" can and will give you gas.

In many offices in the U.S. and Great Britain, "klee" is slang for "pointless" or "waste of time". "I have a klee report to write." (Alternatively: "How was the meeting, you ask? Let's just say it was catered by klee.")

Miles is an expletive among many rednecks. I.E., "That's a load of miles."

Bozo the Clown, in choosing his name, almost opted for Miles Klee the Clown, but wisely chose something less offensive.

The medical procedure known as a kleeectomy is a type of lobotomy.

Sign language for "Miles Klee" is the extended middle finger, the hand rotating at the wrist while pointing at the head.

The body piercing known simply as a "Miles" involves drill bits and a soldering iron.

There are no Mensa members with the name Miles Klee. I mean, obviously.

Miles Klee sounds remarkably close to the Farsi for "plays with excrement."

In the last 50 years, there have been more bankruptcies filed under the name Miles Klee than have been filed by all Amway members.

The boy on the playground that told me about the birds and the bees was named Miles Klee. And man, he was WAY off.

Ask most bartenders for a "Miles Klee", and they'll tell you they're not "that" kind of bar.

Directors who want to remain anonymous after creating a terrible film are credited simply as Mr./Mrs. Klee.

Every member of the 1980s band The Miles Klees has been arrested -- on separate occasions -- for assaulting an elderly person.

Michael Moore credits a certain Miles Klee for his/her fashion and grooming advice.

Seen in hundreds of bathrooms across the U.S.
The most common name written on bathroom stalls under "For a good time, call" is Miles Klee. They are frequently signed " - Miles";

The Big Tobacco executive who first thought of targeting children for future cigarette sales was named Klee Miles. No, not exactly your name, but pretty close.

This is our intervention, Miles. You can legally get your name changed, and, frankly, we hope you do. Not just for yourself, but for the betterment of humanity.

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